Venezuelan Attorney General Tarek William Saab said on Monday, July 8, 2024, that he hopes to develop a joint investigation with Colombia into the accusation of a paramilitary group from the Andean nation, in which he claims, through a video, that they were contacted by “far-right groups” to “destabilize” the government of the Caribbean nation and “act against Nicolás Maduro.”

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I hope that the Colombian Attorney General’s Office will allow our officials to move to Colombia. “to jointly develop, within the framework of international cooperation, the clarification of this unfortunate event,” Saab said in a speech broadcast by state channel VTV.

He also said that the authorities are in contact with “a character” who is revealing information about these accusations, without offering further details about his identity or about what was supposedly revealed.

The prosecutor indicated that, according to data collected, contacts with this paramilitary group, identified as the Autodefensas Conquistadores de la Sierra Nevada (ACSN), began two months ago in La Guajira, Colombia.

The prosecutor noted that These “far-right” groups seek to generate “chaos and anxiety”.

“They say they will ignore the (electoral) results by contacting these Colombian paramilitary groups,” he added.

On Friday, the ACSN published a video on the social network X in which they claim to have been contacted by “far-right groups” in Venezuela to “destabilize the Government of the Republic of Venezuela.”

“The interlocutors have made all kinds of requests, including, attack the Venezuelan electrical infrastructure, act against the president and candidate, Nicolás Maduro, act in case he is re-elected by infiltrating protests and generating chaos in the streets“, they noted.

The paramilitary group said that its organization does not get involved in the internal affairs of other countries, and that it will therefore contact Venezuelan diplomatic authorities “to reveal details of the information disclosed.”

The Venezuelan president then asked the attorney general to investigate these accusations.

“We have many sources of intelligence… they get this information, I publicly ask the Attorney General of the Republic, Tarek William Saab, that within the framework of his functions, he take on this investigation… because it is very serious,” said the president on his radio program. Suddenly.

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