The president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Jorge Rodríguez, reported that the electoral calendar proposal signed by various political, religious, business and social sectors of the country, contains “27 dates”raised by these groups, which cover from the last week of March to December, as a form of “provocation to continue the discussion.”

“We have decided to incorporate all the dates proposed by all the factors that participated in this round of dialogue and this is a provocation to you, to us, a provocation to continue the discussion,” said the parliamentarian before the signing of the document by the main leaders of the organizations and unions that were part of the consultation carried out in the last month.
He assured that, once the document has been delivered to the National Electoral Council, CNE, for its consideration, Parliament will maintain the discussion to continue “looking for the confluence of a certain date that is also a proposal to the CNE”without explaining whether it will be discussed, later, on the day that the electoral body determined for the holding of the elections.

He indicated that the document signed by 97% of the political parties and other organizations of different kinds will be delivered to the Electoral Branch next Friday and includes “27 dates.”

Rodríguez explained that the document includes the proposals received within the framework of three fundamental aspects, the “general principles” that should govern the elections, the “electoral guarantees for all” and the electoral schedule. He recalled that the proposal was the result of 150 meetings grouped into nine large rounds of dialogue held over four weeks, and in which around 200 proposals were received and condensed into the final document.

The parliamentarian indicated that another of the decisions agreed upon in this process is that this conglomerate that participated in the discussion of the electoral schedule becomes “a great space for exchange” that does not disappear and that holds discussions around economic issues and “threats.” , opportunities and challenges” of Venezuela.


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