“SWe are the strongest party, we achieved an overwhelming majority, but with this strong majority that we have comes, naturally, the responsibility of starting all the necessary steps to build this majority for a strong Europe and this is what we will start working on from now on. of tomorrow [segunda-feira]”, declared Ursula von der Leyen.

Reacting in the hemicycle of the European Parliament, in Brussels, to the preliminary results of the European elections that give victory without a majority to the PPE (a party that includes the PSD and the CDS), the president of the European Commission and candidate for a second term stressed: ” We have no time to waste, we have to build the bridges that are necessary.”

For the second most voted party, the head of the list of the Socialists and Democrats (S&D, in which the PS is) to the community executive, Nicolas Schmit, showed himself available for “strong cooperation with all the democratic forces in this parliament”.

“We established this cooperation from the beginning and […] we are ready to negotiate an agreement for the next five years to make Europe stronger, to make Europe more democratic, to make Europe stronger socially and economically, but also to make it more secure”, said the European Commissioner for Employment and Social Rights.

The European People’s Party and the Socialists continue to be the two parties with the most votes in the European assembly, according to the projection released today in Brussels, but they need to dialogue with other groups, such as the liberals, for a parliamentary majority.

Also in reactions in the hemicycle, where journalists were covering the election night, Bas Eickhout, from the Greens (which include Livre and PAN), acknowledged dissatisfaction with the results, which saw the group fall from fourth to sixth place in the European Parliament, with a projection of 52 seats.

“The Greens will play a constructive and responsible role. The challenges are too great for us to play political games. We need a stable majority to provide answers to citizens”, he maintained, guaranteeing that his bench is “available to take on this responsibility, depending on from the program”.

For the European Left (from BE and PCP), which should have 36 elected, the main candidate, Walter Baier, considered that “it would be a serious mistake to misinterpret the result of the election to continue as if nothing had happened and return to the same austerity policies who paved the way for the extreme right, as in France and Austria, where a neo-fascist party won”.

His bench, he highlighted, is available for “any type of progressive reforms in cooperation with progressive forces that allow progress for workers, social and ecological sustainability and social equality”.

The Renew Europe liberals, who are also head of the list, did not want to react, after a defeat in France that led to the dissolution of the French parliament.

The European Parliament is the only European Union institution elected by direct vote.

In total, around 361 million voters from the 27 EU countries were called to choose the composition of the next European Parliament, between Thursday and today, electing 720 MEPs, 15 more than in the previous legislature. Portugal has 21 seats in the hemicycle.

In the previous 2019 elections, 751 MEPs were elected, when the United Kingdom was still part of the EU, but with its departure, there were now 705 seats.

In the legislature that is now ending, the European People’s Party (PPE) had 176 MEPs, while the Socialists and Democrats (S&D, includes the PS) had 139. They were followed by Renew Europe (102), the Greens (71), the Conservatives and Reformists (ECR, 69) and Identity and Democracy (ID, 49). The European Left had 37 parliamentarians and there were 62 unregistered MEPs.

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