Two years after the start of the war between Ukraine and Russia, billions of dollars have been spent on weapons for both armies that still continue with the confrontations, which have left many human losses.

María Tersa Aya, international analyst for Noticias Caracol, examined the costs that the war has had for both countries and their allies.
In addition to the humanitarian cost that, according to the UN, has left at least 10,382 people dead, including 579 children, the price has also been economical.

It is estimated that Ukraine has received $350 billion in aid for the conflict in these two years, of which $77 billion has been granted by the United States Government.

Joe Biden’s administration money has been distributed as follows:

  • 47,000,000,000 for military issues
  • 27,000,000,000 in administrative aid
  • 3,000,000,000 in humanitarian aid

The United States is the most important donor to Ukraine in terms of weapons and military issues. However, according to María Teresa Aya, the transfer of more resources by the North American country is in danger, since “there is donor fatigue. This happens when they ask a single country for help over a long period of time. “Resources are starting to dwindle.”

The international analyst from Noticias Caracol recalls that, with the war between Israel and the Islamist group Hamas, It must be understood that the Jewish country is an important ally of the United States, which “now sees its attention and resources divided.”

In addition, the United States Congress is divided and cannot agree between Republicans and Democrats to support aid packages for Ukraine.

For its part, The Pentagon estimates that Russia, under President Vladimir Putin, has spent nearly $211 billion on the conflict.

“These are very high figures for a war that does not end and is going to last a long time,” María Teresa Aya pointed out.


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