Campsite must be cleared after storm – three injured

12:42 a.m.: During a severe storm, several trees fell on a campsite in Lindau on Lake Constance on Thursday. Three people were injured, one seriously, a police spokesman said. Because further danger threatened, it was decided to clear the entire square. 900 people should be temporarily accommodated in the Inselhalle in Lindau and taken care of there by Red Cross helpers, among other things, said the spokesman.

Heavy rain in Freiburg – flooded basements and streets

12:30 a.m.: Heavy rain flooded basements and streets in Freiburg on Thursday evening and triggered numerous fire brigade operations. From 7.45 p.m. to around 11 p.m. there were 383 operations, more would follow, said a fire department spokesman. There are no injuries. Trees had also fallen, and a torn power line had fallen on a car. In one case, a person trapped in the wet basement had to be rescued.

The water was sometimes not just a few centimeters high. “I drove through about a foot of water on my way to the fire station,” the spokesman said. “We had a drought. The rain washed the dead branches and leaves down the drains.”

S-Bahn traffic in Munich completely stopped after storms

Friday, August 25, 00:13: After severe storms, the S-Bahn traffic in Munich was completely stopped on Friday night. The S-Bahn would be held back at suitable stations and waited there first, it said. “The reason for this is weather-related impairments in the entire area of ​​​​the Munich S-Bahn,” it said on the Internet. The routes in the S-Bahn network should be examined to see whether train journeys are possible again.

Storm chaos in Stuttgart

11:18 p.m.: The most violent storms also passed over Baden-Württemberg. A video from the state capital shows the heavy rain and gusts of wind.

Heavy storms move over Bavaria

11:04 p.m.: Thunderstorms are approaching from the southwest. The DWD warns of hurricanes with speeds of up to 120 km/h and heavy rain with precipitation between 25 l/m² and 40 l/m² per hour and hail with grain sizes of around 3 cm. Caution: “Lightning is life-threatening! Among other things, widespread severe damage to buildings is possible, ”said the DWD. In addition, trees can be uprooted and branches or objects fall. Local flooding is also possible.

Red alert applies in the following districts and cities in Bavaria:

  • Kreis Aichach-Friedberg
  • district of Altötting
  • District of Amberg-Sulzbach
  • district and city of Ansbach
  • District and city of Augsburg
  • District of Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen
  • district of Berchtesgadener Land
  • district of Cham
  • district of Dachau
  • Dingolfing-Landau district
  • District of Donau-Ries
  • Kreis Ebersberg
  • Erding district
  • district of Erlangen-Höchstadt
  • Freising district
  • district of Fürstenfeldbruck
  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen district
  • district of Kelheim
  • district and city of Landshut
  • District of Lindau (Lake Constance)
  • Oberallgaeu district
  • city ​​of Memmingen
  • district of Miesbach
  • Mühldorf a. Inn
  • district and city of Munich
  • District Neumarkt id OPf.
  • District of Neuburg-Schrobenhausen
  • District of Neustadt ad Aisch-Bad Windsheim
  • District of Neu-Ulm
  • District of Nuremberg
  • Ostallgaeu district
  • District of Pfaffenhofen ad Ilm
  • District and city of Regensburg
  • district and city of Rosenheim
  • District of Rottal-Inn
  • Kreis Roth
  • district of Schwandorf
  • District of Straubing-Bogen and the city of Straubing
  • District of Traunstein
  • Weilheim-Schongau district
  • Kreis Weißenburg-Gunzenhausen

DWD warns of heat, but also storms with hail in southern Germany

6.45 p.m.: The severe weather warning remains in place. The south of Germany is particularly affected. Heavy thunderstorms in northern Baden-Wüttemberg with hail and heavy rain are brewing. The following regions are particularly affected:

  • district of Reutlingen
  • Sigmaringen district
  • Alb-Donau district and the city of Ulm
  • district of Biberach
  • Guenzburg district
  • District of Neu-Ulm
  • District of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald and the city of Freiburg
  • Waldshut district
  • district of Loerrach

The Saarland is also affected. There are hurricane-like gusts with speeds of up to 110 km/h as well as heavy rain with precipitation amounts of up to 40 l/m² per hour and hail with grain sizes of around 3 cm.

Extreme heat is being warned in the entire southern part of Germany.

Danger of severe weather! There is a red alert in five districts

5.45 p.m.: Attention, severe weather warning! The German Weather Service warns of severe thunderstorms with gusts of wind, heavy rain and hail. Red alert applies in the following districts and cities in Baden-Württemberg:

  • Ostalbkreis
  • Rems-Murr district
  • Schwäbisch Hall district
  • district and city of Heilbronn
  • Hohenlohe district

Intense Thunderstorm possible before the weather changes

Thursday, August 24, 1:38 p.m.: Thunderstorms, some heavy, initiate a change in the weather in Baden-Württemberg. According to the German Weather Service (DWD) on Thursday, the possibility of severe thunderstorms must be expected until Friday morning. The highest risk of severe weather is particularly in the west and north-west of the country.

Heavy heavy rain with up to 40 liters per square meter in a short time, heavy gusts of wind around 100 kilometers per hour and isolated hurricane gusts of up to 120 kilometers per hour are possible. There could also be hail with a diameter of three centimeters. Temperatures will drop towards the weekend.

In general, the meteorologists expect showers and thunderstorms again and again in the next week. The temperatures continue to drop and on Monday are only around 20 degrees. “We cannot expect a nice weather high like we had last week,” said a spokesman for the DWD.

Heat is slowly coming to an end – weather changes are accompanied by storms

8:35 p.m.: After the muggy and hot weather in parts of Germany, a change in the weather is now in sight, which can also lead to storms. “The hot days are numbered in central and southern Germany,” said meteorologist Marco Manitta from the German Weather Service (DWD) on Wednesday in Offenbach. “The weather situation will change as early as Thursday, and it will become much more changeable again and gradually much cooler air will flow in.” There could be some severe thunderstorms with heavy rain.

The forecasts in detail: On Thursday the sky will be cloudy in the west and north-west, there may be some rain or showers in some areas. Otherwise it is often sunny. In the afternoon and evening there will be frequent showers in the west. “Severe thunderstorms with heavy rain, heavy gusts of wind and hail can develop in the southwest in the afternoon and evening, which then move on to Bavaria,” says Manitta. In the eastern half and in the south it will remain dry until the evening, apart from isolated heat thunderstorms. The maximum values ​​​​reach 22 to 27 degrees in the north and north-west, otherwise 26 to 32 degrees. In the south, up to 35 degrees are possible again.

The change will finally take place at the weekend, explains the meteorologist. “There will be numerous showers and strong thunderstorms on Friday. Especially in the south and south-east there is a local risk of thunderstorms due to heavy rain, hail and heavy gusts of wind. In the northwest, the values ​​reach 19 to 27 degrees. In the south and east, on the other hand, according to the forecasts, the 30-degree mark will probably be exceeded for the last time.

The weather will be changeable on Saturday and Sunday. The DWD expects some thundery showers, especially in the north-west. In the south it can rain for a long time, and continuous rain is also possible, says Manitta. The temperatures continue to drop: On Saturday, summer values ​​of 25 to 27 degrees will only be reached in the east and south. Otherwise the maximum values ​​are between 18 degrees on the North Sea and 24 degrees in the southwest.

“On Sunday, with 18 and a maximum of 23 degrees, it will be the end of “summer” for everyone,” predicts the weather expert – and refers to the meteorological start of autumn at the end of next week (September 1st). “Of course, the temperatures in September can rise to the summer range, but a pronounced and long-lasting heat wave like the current one is then no longer possible.”

Clear weather with temperatures up to 29 degrees in Hesse

Wednesday, August 23, 07:11: Sunny summer weather is expected in Hesse on Wednesday. The temperatures can reach 26 to 29 degrees, as reported by the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach. In northern Hesse, the day starts cloudy before it is supposed to be clear like in the rest of the federal state. According to the meteorologists, it will remain dry. In the night of Thursday it should cool down to 16 to 13 degrees.

For Thursday, the DWD expects muggy weather with maximum values ​​between 27 and 30 degrees. As the day progresses, thicker clouds will gather, with an increasing risk of showers and thunderstorms. Strong to stormy gusts are possible during thunderstorms. Showers and thunderstorms are also possible on Friday night.

The south of Germany is stuck in the heat pincers

Tuesday, August 22, 1:36 p.m.: The German Weather Service (DWD) has warned of extreme heat stress for the Upper Rhine region. The temperatures could reach up to 34 degrees in Breisgau, the DWD announced on Tuesday.

In the entire southern half of Germany, the weather service also warns of severe heat stress. There is a warning of extreme heat, especially in the south-west and south-east, on the national borders with France and Austria. A meteorologist from the weather service had already advised at the beginning of the week to think of sunscreen and a hat and to avoid the blazing sun.

According to the DWD, there may be showers and thunderstorms in the southwestern mountains on Wednesday. Nevertheless, maximum values ​​​​of 34 degrees are predicted. Showers and thunderstorms are becoming more likely across the country from Thursday. However, the temperatures can rise again up to 34 degrees.

German weather service warns of heat in Hesse and Baden-Württemberg

12:04 p.m.: The German Weather Service (DWD) has issued a heat warning for Baden-Württemberg. In the west, the DWD warned of extreme heat in the regions around Freiburg, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, Heilbronn and Stuttgart. It is hottest between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., said a DWD meteorologist. You should avoid standing in the blazing sun if possible and remember to wear sunscreen and a hat.

Plenty of sun is also expected on Tuesday. The temperatures are between 29 and 34 degrees in summer. On Wednesday there is a chance of showers and thunderstorms in the mountains. Nevertheless, maximum values ​​​​of 34 degrees are predicted. From Thursday it will be rainier: showers and severe thunderstorms with temperatures between 27 and 33 are expected in many places.

For the sixth day in a row, the German Weather Service (DWD) has issued a heat warning for large parts of Hesse. A strong heat load is expected on Monday and Tuesday, the meteorologists in Offenbach announced on Monday. The heat will put an extreme strain on old people and people in need of care. The warning applies up to a height of 600 meters on Monday and up to 400 meters on Tuesday. According to a warning map, only parts of northern Hesse are exempt from the warning.

The DWD predicted temperatures of up to 33 degrees for Monday and Tuesday. According to meteorologists, actual temperatures are given in weather forecasts. In the sun and with a high water vapor content, however, these can be perceived as higher. Then one speaks of felt temperature.

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