“EThis commitment will continue. We will continue to help Ukraine as long as necessary,” said White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre at a press conference.

The measure that prevented the temporary closure of the US administration, starting at midnight on Saturday due to lack of funds, left out the aid to Ukraine requested by the president, Joe Biden, which amounted to 24 billion dollars (22 .7 billion euros).

The Senate reduced these funds to 6,000 million dollars (5,700 million euros), although in its final approval, by 88 votes in favor and 9 against, the extension also did not include this financing.

The House of Representatives is now expected to vote on a separate bill to help the country facing Russian invasion.

“The actions of extremist Republicans do not help. They do not help us with our partners and allies, but we will continue”, highlighted Jean-Pierre in reference to American support for Kyiv.

The White House spokeswoman also stressed that Washington still has enough to cover Ukraine’s urgent needs on the battlefield.

Karine Jean-Pierre stressed that there is bipartisan support in Congress to continue financing Ukraine and stressed that this is what is expected in the White House.

The veto of aid to Ukraine in the resolution approved on Saturday came from the toughest wing of the Republican Party, which considers that a blank check is being given to that country without checking the use of these funds.

The President of the United States Joe Biden highlighted, after proving the emergency financing measure, that “an unnecessary crisis that would have inflicted unnecessary pain on millions of American workers” was avoided.

“This bill ensures that troops on active duty will continue to be paid, that travelers will avoid delays at airports, that millions of women and children will continue to have access to vital nutritional assistance and much more”, stressed the head of state in communicated.

Regarding aid to Ukraine, the President argued that “the overwhelming majority of Congress has been firm in its support” for the country.

“Under no circumstances can we allow American support for Ukraine to be halted,” Biden said on Saturday.

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