Alejandro Cáceres, a renowned Colombian mathematician, has managed to attract attention by revealing his participation in an unusual event: the hacking of North Korea’s internet system.

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In an exclusive interview with Univision, Cáceres shared details about his foray into the world of cybersecurity and the reasons that led him to take such a measure.

From an early age, Cáceres was drawn to the enigmatic aspects of the cyber world. However, he kept his identity a secret for years, until he decided to come forward and share his experience with the world. Revealing his face not only marked a milestone in his career, but was also the start of an intriguing narrative. on how an individual can challenge digital barriers imposed by authoritarian regimes.

“Since I was 12 years old I had a fascination with the mysterious corners of the cyber world”stated Cáceres for the television network, Univisión.

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How did Alejandro Cáceres manage to leave North Korea without internet?

In the interview, Cáceres explained that his method for disabling internet service in North Korea was ingeniously simple. Upon discovering vulnerabilities in the country’s primitive internet system, he designed a program that, when downloaded, completely cut off the connection. This action not only paralyzed the country’s ability to access the global network, but also prevented the outside world from penetrating its digital borders.

The act of hacking North Korea’s internet system was not an isolated act; Cáceres considers it a retaliation. He claimed that his foray into digital piracy was motivated by a previous attack carried out by regime hackers. These individuals posed as clients of Cáceres, sent a virus and took control of your computer. This incident not only affected his privacy, but also led him to take measures to defend himself and demonstrate his capabilities in the field of cybersecurity.

The impact of their actions did not go unnoticed by intelligence agencies of the United States government, who contacted him to learn from his techniques.

Cáceres’ experience and knowledge in the field of cybersecurity has led him to found his own company, offering services to both private companies and government agencies in Florida. In addition, Cáceres has adopted cutting-edge technologies, such as the implantation of microchips in its handswhich allow you to transfer information securely.


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