The Spanish writer Irene Vallejo, one of the most important guests at the Book Fair in Bogotá, spoke about her book, The Infinity in a Junco. She also referred to the inspiration she had to create this work.

“I began to come across women who do not appear in our history books, whom we do not remember, whose texts have often not even been preserved, but they existed and I wanted to make a map of that territory erased from women in the ancient world. And that’s how I discovered a character who is fascinating,” said Vallejo.

Vallejo says that “I have been writing since I was a child and I think it is a continuation of the game, it is an adult way of continuing to play. I had to make up my own games because I didn’t have siblings to share it with. And I think now, as an adult, I’m still in some ways doing the same thing, seeking to explore the world and understand it better through the lenses of storytelling.”.


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