More than 8 thousand people threw more than 40 thousand liters of wine at each other this Saturday, June 29, 2024, at the Haro Wine Battle, capital of the La Rioja appellation of origin, one of the most prestigious in the world.

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The ‘combatants’ gathered early in the surroundings of the San Felices chapel in the municipality to participate in such a unique ‘competition’ of all against all, despite the threat of rain.

The wine was launched with all kinds of ‘weapons’, from water guns and sulphating devices to buckets and other an event declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest since 2011, with the attendance of Spaniards from all over the country and also some foreigners.

Some friends from Barcelona thought that celebrating a bachelor party at the Wine Battle was “the best possible option”, since “this party is the best at this time of year”, with summer just beginning in Spain, as Adrian, one of them, explained to EFE.

For visitors and the inhabitants of Haro, The battle “is the best day of the year,” and the best way to enjoy the party is “to do it with friends, with family and with a great lunch.”says Alberto.

But always following the traditions that indicate that it is forbidden to sprinkle oneself with wine until the end of the holy mass at the hermitage of San Felices.

Despite this, many young people skip the custom every year and many shirts had already turned the red color of broth minutes before the end of the morning Eucharist.

Famous tradition known outside Spain

Coming from Switzerland, Laila comments that she “loves Spain and wanted to visit La Rioja”; The Richer couple arrived from the United States to “visit Spain and see this famous tradition.”

Others, like some young North Americans, go first to Haro to see the town and the Battle of Wine and then travel to Pamplona, ​​capital of Navarra, to experience the San Fermines, world-famous festivities that begin on July 6.

Being held on a Saturday, the influx of people skyrockets, “it complicates things, everything gets a little out of hand,” according to Álvaro.

Despite the crowds, there were no serious incidents after security coordination with the collaboration of the French police.

All to continue a tradition of uncertain origin. It is clear that, For centuries, a pilgrimage has been celebrated to the hermitage of San Felices, although it is believed that the throwing of wine by some groups to others did not occur until the end of the 19th century.when the first “wine baptisms” are dated to the lunches of that party

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