In the Fly Emotion park, located in Albaredo, in Italy, A family outing ended in tragedy after a woman fell 40 meters from a zip line.. The tragic event was recorded by her two nieces who had already crossed the attraction.

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According to international media, the victim was identified as Ghizlane Moutahir, 41 years old and of Moroccan origin. She was on the attraction and passed after her two nieces, who were waiting for her on the other side, very excited by the experience. Everything was going on normally until the woman He stopped before reaching the end of the zip line, apparently in a nervous breakdown, he loosened his harness and, after falling into the void, he died..

The tragic incident occurred last Sunday, May 5, 2024. The family’s goal was to live an extreme and fun-filled afternoon, accompanied by bungee jumping, canopy, zip lining and wall climbing. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as expected.

The Police arrived at the scene to carry out the respective investigations and, according to experts, Ghizlane would have been left in a state of panic, which caused him to start making sudden movements and abandoning the position he had to maintain during the journey.. Experts assured that his death was instantaneous.

For now, Authorities are investigating whether she loosened her harness or accidentally unbuckled herself.. Witnesses claim that the woman tried to fight, but her feet slipped and that caused her to lose her balance and fall in the middle of the mountain.

The director of the park, Matteo Sanguineti, spoke about what happened and regretted the death of the woman: “Our first thoughts are with the lady and her family. We still don’t know for sure what happened, I’m shocked and in disbelief.. The zip line was inaugurated 13 years ago and in that time more than 200,000 people have used it and we have never had any incidents.”

>>>Emergency in Parque del Café: 7 people were trapped on a roller coaster, 16 meters high


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