In the United States, a jury in South Florida found guilty of murder and manipulation of evidence to the woman who, in 2019, took the life of the young Colombian Daniela Tabares. The victim’s family, who had been leading a campaign so that the case would not go unpunished, celebrated the verdict.

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After two and a half days of deliberations in a Broward County court, the jury made the decision. He found Yvonne Serrano, now 56 years old, guilty of second-degree murder and tampering with evidence.

The evidence showed that on the night of November 22, 2019, after attending an activity in a bar, organized by the gym they both attended, Yvonne took the life of 21-year-old Cali native Daniela Tabares.

The verdict against the murderer gives relief to the victim’s family.

“To say that (I am) happy right now is difficult, but It was something we were waiting for, something we wanted. I, the family and the entire community cried out for justice to be done for my daughter.“said Isabel Tabares, mother of the murdered Colombian.

This is how they murdered the Colombian

Daniela Tabares

The night Yvonne and Daniela met at the bar, the young Colombian woman offered to take her home, because they lived nearby and the woman had had too much to drink.

The next day, they found the woman from Cali inside her car, right in front of Yvonne’s house, shot in the head. Yvonne Serrano herself called the Police saying that there was a body in front of her house.

“They found that woman’s fingerprints on both doors of the car, both the passenger’s and the back passenger’s. In other words, what this specialist found is that apparently She got out of the car and from the back of the car she shot my daughter.. In other words, that made it premeditated,” commented Isabel Tabares.

With the findings, the charge against Yvonne Serrano changed from involuntary manslaughter to second-degree murder. The crime of tampering with evidence was also added, because it was shown that, before calling the police, the murderer, who had a permit to carry weapons, had washed the shirt she was wearing that night and had also deleted the images from the camera. security of your home.

The sentencing hearing is scheduled for August 12, 2024. The Prosecutor’s Office requests life imprisonment.

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