Pascale Ferrier, the Canadian woman who sent a ricin-laced letter to Donald Trump in 2020, was sentenced to 262 months (practically 22 years) in effective prison.

The case dates back to 2020, when Trump was still president of the United States. The letter would end up, however, intercepted before reaching the White House.

The woman pleaded guilty in January of this year, and the sentence is now being read, as reported by the BBC.

“I want to find peaceful means to achieve my goals,” he said, regretting “not being able to stop Trump”.

In the letter, in which the Canadian tried to dissuade the then US president from running for office again (something that would happen, even so, both in 2020 and in 2024), she said: “I’ve found a new name for you: ‘The Tyrant Ugly Clown’.”

Ferrier will be deported from the US after serving her sentence, facing lifelong supervision if she decides to return. Her actions, said the judge in charge of the case, were “potentially deadly” and “harmful” to herself, as well as “harmful to society and to potential victims”.

The woman, who has dual French and Canadian nationality, was arrested as she crossed the Canadian-US border in Buffalo in September 2020. At the time, she had a firearm with her, as well as ammunition and a knife.

He ended up confessing to having sent the letter with poison to the US president, as well as to 8 other justice officials in the state of Texas, who he blamed for a 10-week detention period he served, in 2019, for illegally carrying a weapon and driving without a valid driving licence.

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