Danielle Johnsonan astrology influencer from the United States, who was concerned about the solar eclipse on April 8, He stabbed his partner, pushed his two children from a moving car and then crashed into a tree.

Danielle Johnson, who sold aura cleansing, passed away, as did her husband, an Air Force veteran. One of his sons, just 8 months old, also died. Only the 9-year-old survived.

The influencer, who also offered zodiac readings online, told her followers that Monday’s total solar eclipse in North America was “the epitome of spiritual warfare“.

Put your protection and your heart in the right place. Obviously the world is changing right now and if you ever need to choose a side, now is the time to do the right thing in your life.“, the woman wrote on April 4, 2024 on her social networks.

It turned out that on the day of the eclipse, Monday, April 8, she killed her husband with a knife, then got into her car with her two children and, while traveling on a highway, threw them from the moving vehicle. The 8-month-old child died and the 9-year-old managed to survive.

Half an hour later, police were called to the scene of a terrible accident on the Pacific Coast Highway. in which the luxury vehicle crashed into a tree at 160 kilometers per hour.

Danielle Johnson’s body had been so disfigured in the accident that it was difficult to identify her, the Times reported. Police responding to the family’s apartment found a trail of bloody footprints and the body of 29-year-old Jaelen Allen Chaney. He had been stabbed in the heart.

While eclipses have long been linked to end-times prophecies dating back to prehistory, Scientists say that, in fact, there is no basis for conspiracies.

Monday’s eclipse provided an unparalleled celestial spectacle for tens of millions of people in North America, from the Pacific coast of Mexico to Texas, Arkansas, Niagara Falls, New England and eastern Canada.

Spectators watched in amazement as the Moon obscured the Sun, allowing the star’s corona to be seen with the naked eye.

Source: https://www.noticiascaracol.com/mundo/preocupada-por-el-eclipse-solar-influenciadora-de-astrologia-mato-a-su-pareja-y-a-su-bebe-cb20

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