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Whether white, blond or brown, beer is generally enjoyed very cold and plain. It would never occur to us to incorporate it into a cocktail and yet… On the occasion of the collaboration 1664 and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, Reìmi Massai, better known under the pseudonym French and Stormy, bartender since now 15 years old, decided to reinvent this classic by giving it a boost. His idea: integrate it into a summer cocktail.

A successful bet. Indeed, this cocktail maestro created the Bubble Sky based on white vermouth, peach syrup, gin, lemon juice, rooibos flavored with cherry cranberries and white 1664.

He thus breaks down preconceived ideas by showing that beer also has its place in cocktails. “In the collective imagination, people don’t use it that much in cocktails. Whereas I work with it quite regularly in cocktails. Through this new recipe, the goal was precisely to promote it and show people that you can obtain a light cocktail with wheat beer. To have an even lighter and more acidic side, you can also add lager beer. All types of beer can be used in cocktails, depending on what you want to achieve. I think it’s becoming more democratic and it’s developing little by little and that’s good.”

If you want to make a cocktail with white beer, the bartender recommends: “work with herbaceous ingredients like basil, thyme, rosemary or even dill.” To temper this taste, it invites you to counterbalance with a very fruity side: “For this, you can opt for fruits like melon, watermelon. Summer fruits are not bad because they also contain a lot of water.”

On the alcohol side, beer goes perfectly with white spirits, “it’s a bit of a safe bet, an ease” says Rémi Maissai.

Cocktail is always a question of balance. “When there is sugar, you have to look for acidity or saltiness to find bitterness. The main tip is therefore to always look for the perfect balance.” After all, everything will obviously depend on tastes and colors, it’s up to you to test!

To accompany your white beer cocktail, nothing better than tasting a delicious ceviche with some citrus notes!

Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. You are invited to consume it in moderation.


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