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Moths, what an ordeal! They hide in the four corners of our habitat, and sometimes delight in our dry food, sometimes in the wool of our warm sweaters. How to get rid of it naturally? Quite simply by picking chestnuts!

During your next walk, start collecting chestnuts. Brown is in fact an excellent repellent against unwanted guests, particularly moths and spiders. Unlike chestnuts, chestnuts are not edible. This is why we help you in this article to clearly differentiate them.

Once your chestnuts have been collected, remove the bug without pricking yourself, then place the small fruit in all the spaces that you think are invaded. Kitchen sideboard, pantry, dressing room or bedroom chest of drawers, brown fits everywhere and repels moths and spiders in no time.

To put an end to this nuisance, other natural solutions exist. Among the most effective repellents is cedar. It is usually found in the form of bark balls to hang directly in cabinets. To ensure their effectiveness is always optimal, don’t forget to sand it regularly so that the smell is diffused throughout all your clothes.

Another tip for protecting your wardrobe: place small bags filled with lavender or thyme seeds in your closet. In addition to subtly scenting linen and the ambient air, these two plants are perfect repellents against these almost invisible little pests.

You can also, for example, place mint leaves or essential oil in your cupboards and cupboards. Another smell that moths hate: cloves. Place a few whole nails or nails stuck in an orange in areas invaded by moths, the result will not be long in coming.


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