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Salad wilted in the blink of an eye, black bananas after just a few days, all that is now over thanks to his unstoppable tips spotted on the account @foodvisor_fr. Follow the leader !

Choosing to favor fruits and vegetables purchased directly from the shelves is good, but knowing how to preserve them is even better. To prevent your carrots from becoming soft, peel them, cut them into sticks, before placing them in an airtight container. Then immerse them in water, close tightly and place everything in the refrigerator. Good news: this technique also works if your carrots are already soft, but in this case, you will have to wait several hours before they regain their crunch.

Salad is also a food that must be taken particularly carefully. Very fragile, it can wither in a few hours if it is not stored optimally. To avoid this, place a sheet of paper towel in the bottom of an airtight container, then put the lettuce in it. Cover with a second absorbent paper, then close the box. This technique allows the vegetable to be kept moist, and therefore keeps it fresh for longer.

Last tip, to prevent your bananas from ripening too quickly, wrap the tail or stem of the regiments in aluminum foil or stretch film. The ripening process will thus be slowed down and your bananas will be good to eat for a long time. If, unfortunately, these are already a little too much for you, don’t throw them away! Make it a delicious banana bread !

Fruits and vegetables are not the only ones to be impacted if they are stored incorrectly. This is also the case for sandwich bread which can dry out in a few hours. To overcome this problem, make several turns with the top of the package, then close them, so that the ends are below the package and air cannot pass through.

Finally, cheese is also subject to poor storage. Obviously, everyone keeps their cheese cool, but few people remove it from its original packaging. However, it is this gesture that would allow it to be kept longer. Cheese actually needs to breathe and plastic packaging from supermarkets prevents it from doing so. Instead, wrap it in baking paper. With this tip, we promise, you will be able to consume it for several more days!


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