In Texas, United States, a young woman saved her boyfriend from a robbery by showing a machine gun that she almost fired at the two thieves, who were also armed. The woman’s action seems straight out of a movie.

The video, which was shared on the social network X, shows the young woman’s boyfriend being approached by two armed individuals inside a residential complex. The criminals did not expect that the woman would leave her apartment with a machine gun.

Upon seeing the heavily armed young woman, the thieves fled “like the devil,” according to users on social networks. Until now, it is unknown how the scene ended, the truth is that the opinions were immediate.

“Hahahaha, those thieves came out crazy, like hell,” “you can tell she’s a Texan,” “that’s a girl with power and she’s not empowering,” “that girl is brave 👏” and “Although it is brave, the scene could have ended badly. I hope it didn’t happen like that,” They reacted on social networks.


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