“AI think now is not the time for elections”, Zelensky, whose term ends on March 31, said today in his address to the nation.

The Ukrainian president asked to avoid “anything that involves political division”, arguing that there needs to be a focus on the “defence” of the country and the “battle” that will decide “the fate of the country and the people”.

Zelensky appealed not to fall into pessimism and internal conflicts and warned that this is only good for Russia.

“And if it is necessary to end this or the political dispute and continue working only in unity, then the State has structures capable of ending this and giving society all the necessary answers so that there is no space for conflicts and other people’s games against Ukraine”, said the head of state.

Zelensky made these statements days after his former advisor OleksĂ­ Arestovich asked that the elections not be postponed and announced his intention to run in the presidential elections.

Arestovich has, in recent months, been very critical of the Zelensky administration and claims to have been the target of pressure and threats for this.

In Monday’s speech, the Ukrainian President described it as “totally irresponsible” and “frivolous” to launch the issue of elections “in wartime” into the public debate.

The Ukrainian military and security system had already warned of the challenge of guaranteeing security on election day in the midst of war and giving all soldiers, refugees and internally displaced people the opportunity to vote.

Zelensky’s words in favor of postponing the elections – as provided for by the martial law in force since the start of the war in the country – also come after the head of the Army, Valeri Zaluzhni, recognized for the first time errors in the military strategy adopted and recognized the front stagnation.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2435269/zelensky-afasta-possibilidade-de-eleicoes-enquanto-durar-a-guerra

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