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The end of year holidays are fast approaching, and it’s time to think about your Christmas menu! Why not think outside the box this year and leave Gratin Dauphinois aside to explore new flavors? We offer you a selection of 10 gratins recipes that will bring a touch of creativity and originality to your Christmas meal. From the subtle marriage of potatoes, leeks and carrots to cauliflower gratin, including polenta gratin, discover delicious ideas to brighten up your New Year’s Eve table. And to find inspiration for your Christmas meal, find all our recipes on our dedicated page.

Potato, leek and carrot gratin


A symphony of flavors is present in this gratin, combining the sweetness of the potatoes, the tenderness of the leeks and the sweet carrot. The fusion of these ingredients creates a perfect balance, enhanced by the taste of spices. An explosion of colors and tastes in every bite.

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Comté butternut gratin

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Let yourself be seduced by the sweetness of butternut combined with the generosity of melting Comté. This comforting gratin combines the creamy texture of squash with the intense taste of cheese, providing the perfect accompaniment for your poultry. A dish that embodies the warmth and conviviality of the holidays.

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Mushroom and potato gratin

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Mushroom lovers will be delighted by this gratin where the woody flavors of the mushrooms mingle with the tender texture of the potatoes. An irresistible combination that brings a touch of elegance to your Christmas meal. Perfect as an accompaniment to roast meat. You can very well replace the button mushrooms with porcini mushrooms to reinforce the festive side of the dish.

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Celeriac, potato and gorgonzola gratin

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Dare to be bold with this gratin which combines the subtlety of celery root with the richness of gorgonzola. The potatoes add a melted and sweet note, creating a refined and surprising combination of flavors. A perfect choice to accompany any holiday meat.

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Potato and sweet potato gratin with fleur de sel

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The sweet potato brings a delicious sweet note to this gratin, balanced by the more neutral potatoes, themselves enhanced by the fleur de sel. A combination of flavors that will awaken the taste buds of your guests. An exquisite gratin for an exceptional Christmas table.

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Sweet potato gratin with spices

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Warm up the atmosphere of your Christmas meal with this spiced sweet potato gratin. The sweetness of sweet potato pairs perfectly with the scents of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. An explosion of flavors that evokes the delights of the winter season.

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Potato Gratin with Roquefort

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The power of Roquefort enhances this classic gratin, creating harmony between the strength of the cheese and the softness of the potatoes. A bold alternative that will appeal to cheese lovers. Perfect as an accompaniment to grilled meat.

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Easy cauliflower gratin without béchamel sauce

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Simplify your Christmas menu with this cauliflower gratin without béchamel sauce. The lightness of cauliflower will surely be appreciated during this generally hearty meal. An easy-to-prepare dish, ideal for uncomplicated party cooking.

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Polenta gratin with raclette

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A perfect marriage between the melted raclette and the creamy texture of the polenta. This gratin will warm hearts during the holidays. Serve it in individual portions for an elegant presentation. A recipe that brings mountain flavors to your Christmas table.

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Dauphiné ravioli gratin with Comté cheese

Mix tradition and originality with this gratin highlighting another specialty of the Dauphiné region: delicate Dauphiné ravioli! Combined with the rich flavor of the county, these little pockets of happiness reveal a delicious stuffing. A dish that will surprise and delight your guests.

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