“UA 14-year-old girl arrived at school with a rifle and shot at her classmates”, killing one of them, said the note from the Russian Investigative Committee.

According to Bryansk police, the person responsible for the shooting ended up killing herself.

Local authorities reported that five other people were injured.

“The reasons and circumstances” of the tragedy are being investigated, police said.

“A terrible tragedy occurred today at school number 5 in Bryansk. One of the students brought a gun into the school,” wrote the regional governor on Telegram, Alexandre Bogomaz.

According to the governor, all five injured people are children and were hospitalized.

Fatal shootings, especially at schools, are becoming more numerous in Russia in recent years.

The Russian head of state classified these situations as a phenomenon imported from the United States and a perverse effect of globalization. Putin ended up tightening gun legislation.

In September 2022, a shooting in Izhevsk, in central Russia, left 18 people dead, and in 2021, a 21-year-old attacker killed nine people at a school in Kazan, Tatarstan.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2456575/adolescente-de-14-anos-mata-colega-em-tiroteio-numa-escola-na-russia

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