And 15 month old baby died this Monday, April 22, 2024, in the Italian town of Eboli (south) due to the injuries caused by the attack of two pit bull dogs, who also injured his mother while trying to rescue him.

The little boy was in his mother’s arms when, upon leaving his house, The dogs pounced on the child and snatched him from his hands.reported the media, which highlighted that the mother also suffered injuriesalthough his life is not in danger.

However, the minor’s aunt and the mother’s sister, Milena Santoro, said that she did not know if the child was “in the arms of his mother or in the arms of another person,” because at first it was stated that he was with your uncle.

“My two brothers were also in the house, maybe he was in the arms of one of them,” he said, later pointing out that the dogs “did not know” the minor and that they were property “of a friend” of the family.

“He was literally torn from his arms and chewed,” said the mayor of Eboli, Mario Conte, who announced that the town’s veterinary services took the dogs “that were not property of the affected family.”

More than a hundred paramedics were moved to the site of the attack, about 85 kilometers from Naples (south), as well as a team of Carabineros (militarized police), while the Salerno Prosecutor’s Office (south) has opened an investigation into the events. .

It was a ferocious attack and, although even one of the boy’s uncles intervened to try to free him, nothing could be done.“Conte stated.

Italy’s main consumer association, Codacons, spoke out on the case, calling “loudly for measures to be adopted to guarantee the safety of citizens and limit the phenomenon of potentially dangerous dogs.”

“Beyond the specific case and the dynamics that caused the attack… there is no doubt that there are dog breeds that are potentially dangerous to humans,” he said in a statement.

Since 2009, Italy has not had an official list of potentially dangerous dogs and since 2013, the last year in which legislation on the subject was approved, the owner has been held responsible both civilly and criminally for damages or injuries caused to third parties, as well as as well as the education of the animal.

In Italy there are 70,000 dog attacks on people every yearaccording to Codacons, which maintains that, “regardless of the education given to the animal, it is universally known that some breeds can cause lethal wounds in the event of a bite.”

In this sense, it requested a “mandatory license” to own potentially dangerous dogs, since “the bite of a Pomeranian does not cause the same wounds” as a pit bull, the organization settled.

The International Organization for the Protection of Animals (OIPA) also asked in a statement to “regulate the ownership of certain types of dogs that, too often, are chosen by people who do not know how to handle them correctly.”

“At the local level, some municipalities, such as Milan, have regulated the issue by providing for the granting of licenses for the ownership of certain breeds,” recalled OIPA.


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