“SThere are Storm Shadow and other types of missiles, hundreds of armored and amphibious vehicles and ammunition; everything Ukraine really needs on the battlefield,” Zelensky wrote on social media, recounting a telephone conversation with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Ukraine last spring received the UK’s first Storm Shadow long-range missiles, which have been used by Kiev to hit Russian targets far from the front line.

The Ukrainian President thanked Sunak for the decision to send the military equipment and for the UK’s cooperation in joint defense production, in particular, he said, in the development of Ukraine’s long-range weapons and maritime capabilities.

Zelensky also discussed with the British Prime Minister “the need to create a mechanism for the seizure of Russian assets” in the United Kingdom.

Sunak begins a visit to Poland and Germany today, coinciding with the announcement of the additional military support package for Ukraine worth 500 million pounds (580 million euros).

The funding will be used to “rapidly” provide ammunition, anti-aircraft defense, drones and engineering support, the Government said in a statement.

In parallel, the British Ministry of Defense will send equipment “to help push back the Russian invasion on land, sea and air”, including 60 boats, more than 1,600 attack and air defense missiles, more than 400 vehicles and around four million rounds of small arms ammunition.

“Defending Ukraine against Russia’s brutal ambitions is vital to our security and that of all of Europe. If we allow it [o Presidente, Vladimir] If Putin is successful in this war of aggression, it will not stop at the Polish border”, warned Sunak.

The additional £500 million funding announced today brings the UK’s military aid to Ukraine this year to £3 billion.

The new British aid package comes after the United States House of Representatives approved, on Saturday, a new allocation of more than 60 billion dollars (around 57 billion euros) to finance new arms shipments for the Ukraine, after months of stalemate.

The US Congress also approved legislation that allows action against Russian assets.

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