And 4-year-old boy died after being trapped in a clothes dryer while playing hide and seek. The events occurred last Thursday, February 29, 2024, in the city of Mallorca, Spain.

This unfortunate event took place while the minor was being cared for by his aunt, who fell asleep for a long period of time.
It was then that the little boy took the opportunity to go to the terrace, where the appliance was located and, apparently, he decided to get into it to hide from his caregiver.

Unfortunately, The door of the clothes dryer closed, leaving the minor trapped.

Hours later, the minor’s aunt and grandmother found him; However, even though the women called the emergency room and he was treated by medical personnel, he was already without vital signs.
Forensics reported that the little boy He had injuries to the knuckles of his hands.which would indicate that he hit the door of the appliance to try to get out.

The body of the 4-year-old boy was taken to Forensic Medicine, where the corresponding autopsy was performed.


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