O The United States Supreme Court ruled that, after all, Colorado cannot remove Donald Trump’s name from the ballot in the state’s presidential primaries.

The decision was made the day before the Super Tuesday primaries (where 15 states and one territory hold elections).

This court decision puts an end to efforts made in the states of Colorado, Illinois, Maine and others to eliminate Trump from the primary elections, in which the former president appears as the favorite for his party’s nomination.

In December, Colorado decided to ‘ban’ Trump from the elections, citing an insurrection clause in the Constitution and arguing that the former president incited the invasion of the Capitol – which took place in January 2021.

According to the BBC, the Supreme Court decided – unanimously among its nine judges – that this decision is up to Congress, and not the states. Thus, Trump has an open path to compete in the primaries in this state – and in others, where they also tried to remove his name from the voting ballots.

“A great victory for the United States!”, reacted the former North American president on the social network Truth Social.

Trump, says the British chain, is the main candidate for the Republican nomination and is the most likely Republican candidate in November’s presidential elections, in which Democratic President Joe Biden will seek re-election.

The former President had been expelled from the polls in Colorado, Maine and Illinois, but the three state court decisions were suspended, awaiting the decision of the federal Supreme Court of Justice.

This case is the Supreme Court’s most direct involvement in a presidential election since the election that pitted Republican George W. Bush against Democrat Al Gore, a decision handed down a quarter century ago that effectively handed the 2000 election to conservatives.

But this is just one of several cases that directly implicate Trump or that could affect his chances of becoming president again, including a court case scheduled for trial in late April over whether he could be criminally prosecuted on election interference charges. because of the invasion of the Capitol.

In today’s decision, conservative and liberal judges – three of them appointed by Trump – ended up aligning themselves in a unanimous position, arguing that Congress must act before state authorities can invoke the 14th amendment of the Constitution, to prevent the ex- president to go to votes.

Lawyers for Republican and independent voters who sued to remove Trump’s name from the ballot in Colorado argued that there is ample evidence that the events of January 6, 2021, constituted an insurrection and that it was incited by Trump, who called for a crowd of supporters storming the Capitol.

Trump’s lawyers have made several arguments to explain why the amendment cannot be used to keep him off the polls, claiming that the Jan. 6 riot was not an insurrection and, even if it were, Trump did not go to the Capitol in person, nor did he join the protesters.

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