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A festival of Spanish flavors invites itself into your kitchen with chorizo, this spicy sausage that brings a sunny touch to all your dishes. Discover five gourmet recipe ideas that will take you on a journey to the heart of the Iberian Peninsula. On the menu, from delicate olive and chorizo ​​turnovers to irresistible chorizo ​​ham calzones. Let yourself be guided by these simple, but ingenious recipes, to sublimate your meals in no time.

These crunchy and golden turnovers have an explosion of flavors in store for you. The fusion between the intense taste of chorizo ​​and the sweetness of olives creates a symphony of sensations in the mouth. In this paragraph, discover how these ingredients combine harmoniously to provide a taste experience that is both rich and balanced. See the recipe for olive and chorizo ​​turnovers

Imagine a light and crispy waffle, enhanced by the power of chorizo. This surprising marriage between the crispness of puff pastry and the texture of chorizo ​​reveals a combination of textures and tastes that will seduce you. In this section, we’ll show you how to make these bold waffles that will make a statement at your table. See the recipe for puff pastry waffles with chorizo

The cannelé, this sweet Bordeaux delicacy, is reinvented here in a savory version thanks to the addition of chorizo ​​and red pepper. The tenderness of the interior contrasting with the crispness of the exterior create a unique taste experience. Immerse yourself in the description of this innovative recipe that will transform your aperitifs into unforgettable moments. See the recipe for chorizo ​​and red pepper canelés

For quiche lovers, this no-dough recipe is a mouth-watering option. The chorizo ​​brings a spicy and warm note, while the potatoes add a touch of comfort. Discover how these simple ingredients combine to create a creamy yet hearty quiche, perfect for a convivial lunch or dinner. See the recipe for the quiche without chorizo ​​& potatoes

The calzone, this cousin of the pizza, readily lends itself to a Spanish interpretation with the addition of chorizo ​​and ham. The mix between the charms of Italy and the spicy flavors of Spain creates a hearty and comforting dish. In this part, let yourself be transported into the universe of this generously filled slipper, which will not fail to satisfy your appetite. See the chorizo ​​ham calzone recipe


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