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Although inflation is no longer at the heart of the news today, it nevertheless remains very present, particularly on supermarket shelves. The 60 million consumer site has once again proven it with its “inflation observatory” file. Thanks to these analyses, we can see that certain everyday products have been more impacted than others. Here are the ones.

Since February 2022, the 60 million consumer organization has published a monthly dashboard concerning the evolution of prices in supermarkets. Analyzes carried out in collaboration with the NielsenIQ institute, which collects data from 10,000 points of sale. The objective: to obtain the evolution of prices on the shelves.

In total, 31 essential products such as pasta or eggs were monitored. First observation: the price of the average basket has increased by 21.7%, including 5.4% since January 2023. Inflation persists and certain products are more impacted than others.

At the top of the list, with an increase of +15.5% for the first prices, it is the record-breaking fruit juice which has seen its price explode. It has seen a much higher than average increase.

An increase linked in particular to climatic hazards which had a detrimental impact on harvests. Additionally, the cost of raw materials like packaging and electricity has also soared.

If fruit juice takes first place hands down, it is followed by other flagship everyday products such as:

– chocolate bars: +9.8%

– yogurts and dairy desserts: +8.5%

– canned vegetables: +8.4%

– sugars and sweeteners: +7.1%

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