The United States detained a man on the border with Mexico Colombian with Gulf Clan tattoos and “photos of tortured people” on his phone when he was trying to enter the country illegally, the border patrol reported this Wednesday, March 20, 2024.

In a recent session in the Senate, the director of the FBI, federal police, Christopher Wray, acknowledged that there is “a wide range of very dangerous threats emanating from the border” and that “dangerous individuals” They have entered the country.

Last week, the border patrol stated that in the last five months it arrested more than 200 gang members, of which 47 were Paisas, 30 from the M-13 and 26 Sureños.

In a message on the social network “to a Colombian who was trying to enter the country illegally.”

The agents “found photos of tortured people on his phone. They also “He had specific tattoos that indicated his membership in a gang (Clan del Golfo)”Colombia’s main drug trafficking gang, he added.

According to official data, the Clan del Golfo traffics around 700 tons of cocaine abroad annually. Also It would be linked to illegal mining and migrant trafficking on the border with Panama through the Darién jungle.despite the fact that its leaders deny it.

Its top boss, alias Otoniel, was captured in October 2021 and extradited to the United States in May of the following year.

Illegal migration is a central issue in the November presidential election campaign, especially for Republicans, whose candidate, former President Donald Trump, has sharpened his rhetoric, saying that migrants “are poisoning the blood” of the country.

From October to the end of January, the US border patrol has intercepted migrants or asylum seekers more than 900,000 times when they tried to enter the country through the border with Mexico without a visa.


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