Animal rights activists vandalized the newly released official portrait of King Charles III of the United Kingdom in the painting that remains in a gallery near Buckingham Palace.

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The video published by the group Animal Rising shows two people pasting an image of the animated character Wallace on the face of the king.

Activists also put up a sign protesting against the situation in 56 farms of the British royal society. “No cheese, Gromit, look at all this cruelty on RSPCA farms,” ​​translates the text seen in the box.

The portrait of King Charles III had been presented on May 15, 2024, one year after his coronation, by the London artist Jonathan Yeo.

In the painting, which measures nearly two meters high, King Charles III appears in an American shot, from thigh height upwards, It is not a full-body portrait as has been evident with other royal figures. There is a butterfly on his right shoulder, which according to Yeo, symbolizes transformative power.

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