That of course lifted the spirits of the 600 delegates at the federal party conference in Magdeburg, an anniversary meeting ten years after the founding of the party. Co-Chairman Tino Chrupalla urged humility because, as is well known, poll numbers are not yet votes. But he too sees the “Alternative” no longer as an opposition party, but as a governing party.

So far, the AfD strategists have tried to offer themselves as partners to the CDU and FDP in a conservative-bourgeois coalition. The AfD is not bourgeois, but national-conservative, ethnic and in parts right-wing extremist.

AfD would coalition with all parties – except for the Greens

In Magdeburg, too, after the controversial statements made by its chairman Friedrich Merz, the CDU was pointed out with a malicious undertone that its firewall to the AfD was unlikely to last much longer. However, the party chairman Chrupalla – humility or no humility – also hit completely new tones. You can form a coalition with all parties, he announced. And only made one exception: the AfD would definitely not work with the Greens.

With all outside the greens! This is of course a poisoned offer. Because the AfD strategists know very well that none of the democratic parties want to cooperate or even form a coalition with them. But with the formula “with everyone except the Greens”, the AfD is trying to position itself as the sole antithesis to the eco-party. After all, the CDU, SPD, FDP and Die Linke govern in different constellations with the Öko-Party in the federal states and communities

AfD exploits the weakness of the Greens

The AfD is aware that the Greens have lost respect in large parts of the population – not only because of the failed heating law, but also because of their socio-political positions. The AfD has a simple message for everyone who doesn’t like the Greens: anyone who rejects the alleged warmongers, the alleged destroyers of the economy and the advocates of everything that isn’t “normal” can only vote for the AfD make.

However, it is downright grotesque that the offer “with everyone except the AfD” includes the left of all people. Because beyond all socialist daydreams and their GDR nostalgia, the Left advocates unlimited immigration to Germany. However, no other party rejects the latter as vehemently as Chrupalla, Weidel, Höcke & Volksgenossen.

The AfD could come to a common denominator with the Wagenknecht party

If there is a political group that this AfD could most likely join forces with, it would be the party of former left-wing icon Sahra Wagenknecht, which has not yet been founded.

That would bring together people who are very close to each other on many points: people who understand Putin, anti-Americans, opponents of Europe, advocates of much higher social benefits such as a very restrictive immigration policy. When it comes to connecting the NATIONAL with the SOCIAL, AfD and the Wagenknecht camp are extremely close.

AfD shows great self-confidence, but chaos reigns at the party conference

How self-confident the AfD has become is shown by Chrupalla’s statement that “we can assume government responsibility”. That’s a bold statement considering that the AfD alone has set aside two weekends to prepare its list for the June 2024 European elections. Since around 100 applicants want to apply for a nomination, lengthy personnel debates are to be expected.

Apparently, the party headquarters and the state associations were not able to agree on an election proposal, as is usual in all other parties. Therefore, countless runoff elections are likely to be necessary. After all, based on current polls, the AfD is hoping for 20 mandates in Europe. There, the AfD MPs want to work closely with other right-wing extremist parties such as the Italian Lega, the Austrian FPÖ or the French party Le Pens.

AfD wants to govern, but cannot organize a party conference

The party has not yet determined exactly what they intend to do in the European Parliament. In order to avoid too much controversy, the program for the European elections should only be decided after the nomination of the candidates. Applicants must, however, undertake to adhere to this program if they are nominated.

Strange: The AfD sees itself in a position to assume government responsibility. She can’t just organize a party congress according to the usual democratic principles.


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