EThese interviews on radio programs in the states of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, critical to the presidential election, were the first after Biden’s questionable performance in the face-to-face with rival Donald Trump, on June 27, in which he appeared hesitant and at times stringed together incoherent sentences.

Earl Ingram, a prominent journalist for CivicMedia in Wisconsin, told ABC News that Biden’s aides gave him a list of five questions ahead of the interview, of which he asked the president four.

In addition to Ingram, another broadcaster who interviewed Biden told CNN today that he was also sent a list of questions for the interview.

“We do not make interviews conditional on accepting these questions. Interviewers are always free to ask the questions they think will best inform their listeners,” Biden campaign officials said when asked today by ABC News.

Ingram told ABC, however, that he didn’t necessarily see anything wrong or feel biased.

“I think to think that I would have the opportunity to ask the President of the United States any question is a little bit more than anyone should expect,” he said.

On CNN, Andrea Lawful-Sanders, host of WURD Radio’s The Source, said Biden’s aides gave her a list of eight questions ahead of her interview with the president and that she approved them.

Biden campaign spokeswoman Lauren Hitt stressed that Lawful-Sanders was “free” to ask whatever questions she saw fit and did not make agreeing to the questions a prerequisite for the interviews to take place.

Furthermore, he said, it is common practice to suggest questions and highlighted that it was campaign advisers who submitted the questions and not the White House, as some have claimed.

The June 27 debate exposed the physical and mental frailties of the 81-year-old US head of state, which led several members of the Democratic Party to consider changing candidates for this year’s presidential elections.

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