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Airfryers are the stars of social networks. And for good reason, these hot air fryers save considerable time while guaranteeing healthy cooking. This type of appliance works by letting superheated air circulate through it to cook your food. Thus, it is possible to roast, grill, cook, fry… In short, enough to make almost all of your recipes. This is the kitchen “must have” to have right now. But recently, certain videos posted on social networks have warned of the dangers of this device. We take stock.

Like any appliance that sits in your kitchen, the Airfryer is relatively safe for your health. Provided it is used correctly. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention:

  • Risk of burns: during cooking, or in the few minutes following the end, the walls of the appliance remain hot. If you touch them, you risk burning yourself.
  • To the fires. If used incorrectly, the device can overheat and cause a fire, especially if the ventilation is blocked. The same applies if the Airfryer is placed too close to flammable materials. Read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before first use.
  • Oil splashes: do not overload the appliance to avoid them. Your Airfryer cooking only requires a very small quantity of oil.
  • Food poisoning: poorly cleaned, the device can make you sick, due to a risk of cross-contamination of certain foods.

For the rest, it is a rather useful and very healthy device. In fact, more than a million copies were sold last year.

To properly clean your Airfryer, wait until it is completely cold. Then disassemble the removable parts to wash them. Then clean the drawer and basket of the appliance. It starts by removing crumbs and excess oil from the drawer. Then use a paper to remove the remaining residue. For encrusted pieces, fill the basket with hot water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid and leave to soak. Then rub with a non-abrasive sponge.

Then dry the various elements carefully to avoid bacterial growth. Wipe the exterior of the appliance after each use.


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