An apparent botched cosmetic procedure claimed the life of a woman in Brazil. This is the well-known influencer and model Aline Ferreira, who weeks ago She underwent surgery to increase the size of her buttocks and died a few days later..

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Ferreira’s death was confirmed through his social networks, where an official statement about what happened was published. “He left us on Tuesday, July 2. Family and friends deeply regret this painful and irreparable loss.“Aline was a dreamer who always smiled, and that is how we should remember her. We ask God to comfort everyone’s hearts,” they said.

What happened to Aline Ferreira, the influencer who died after cosmetic surgery?

According to international press, the 33-year-old celebrity visited a beauty clinic in Goiânia, Brazil, on June 23. There she underwent surgery to increase the size of her buttocks..

Her husband told the Civil Police that that same day Aline Ferreira left the clinic heading home to Brasilia and in good health; however, At night he started to have a feverHe contacted the cosmetic clinic and they told him it was normal and that he should take medication to control it.

Although they followed the doctors’ instructions, the fever continued the next day and Ferreira began to have severe abdominal pain. Finally, on June 27, the influencer continued to show symptoms and fainted, so she was transferred to the Asa Norte Regional Hospital and then to a private clinic in Asa Sul, where He died of cardiac arrest on July 2..

Who is responsible for the death of Aline Ferreira?

Following the death of the social media star, authorities arrested on July 3 Grazielly Barbosa, the doctor who owns the Ame-se clinic, where the influencer had her surgery.

According to the authorities, the woman has not certified her studies and does not have records, professionals or technicians that endorse her to perform this type of procedure. In addition, by performing an intervention at the clinic, They found no records of patients treated and that it operated without a health license and was not registered with the Regional Council of Biomedicine of Goiás.

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What was applied to Aline Ferreira?

Ferreira reportedly underwent this procedure, which consisted of three injections in each buttock to increase its size, but died after the first session. Authorities said the woman was injected with 30 ml of PMMA into each buttock.

What is PMMA?

According to the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), the PMMA is a biopolymer used in facial and physical treatments which can cause inflammation and necrosis in the treated area, which is why it has been classified as “highly dangerous and prohibited in aesthetic procedures.”


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