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Between seafood platters and festive meals, shellfish are sometimes found on our plates. If the French love oysters and shrimp, a doctor wondered about the impact they really have on our health. It is true that among these foods, some have more benefits than others. We will explain everything to you.

According to nutritionist doctor Diana Kadouch in “the health mag” on France 5you must include shellfish in your diet: “Generally speaking, shellfish are our best friends to include in our diet”. You can therefore eat more shellfish without hesitation since they will bring you many benefits: “They are rich in proteins, trace elements, such as omega-3 for example, which are good fatty acids, and iodine”, explained the doctor. Indeed, these elements are essential for the proper functioning of the human body. They allow our body to function well and be healthy. Finally, these are low-calorie foods which will allow you to adopt a healthy diet by eating products that you enjoy.

The doctor clarified that all shellfish are equal: “There is no shellfish better than another”. You can therefore consume any shellfish of your choice, it will have beneficial effects on your health. Your choice will mainly depend on your tastes and budget since some shellfish are more expensive than others. There is still a small downside because shellfish have a fairly high salt content. However, eating too much salt can have serious consequences on your body such as high blood pressure, aging of the skin or even water retention. You will therefore need to pay attention to this parameter if you eat shellfish regularly. For the New Year, don’t hesitate to make this shrimp recipe from Cyril Lignac.


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