O President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, considered, this Tuesday, that “sanctions are not enough” to stop the invasion and argued that “As long as Russian aggression continues, Russia’s losses must be felt”.

In his usual evening address to the nation, the head of state stated that Ukraine knows “the areas in which it is necessary to increase pressure on Russia so that terrorist capabilities do not grow”.

“Sanctions are not enough. There will be more. There will be more actions by us, Ukrainians, against the terrorist state. As long as Russia’s aggression continues, Russia’s losses must be felthe stressed.

In the speech, published on the website of the Presidency of Ukraine, Zelensky also revealed that during the day he had a meeting on “several essential points”, including the current situation on the front line and the destruction of logistics and headquarters of the ” Russian occupiers.

The issue of “projectile supply” was also discussed, which is a topic that the Ukrainian authorities “deal with daily”.

“We are looking for new opportunities in the world – we know exactly how to secure supplies. And we are gradually increasing the volume of Ukrainian production. This is one of our main priorities”, stressed Zelensky.

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia began with the aim, according to Vladimir Putin, of “denazifying” and demilitarizing Ukraine for Russia’s security. The operation was condemned by most of the international community.

The UN confirmed that almost ten thousand civilians died and more than 17 thousand were injured in the war, stressing that the real numbers will be much higher and can only be known when there is access to surrounded areas or areas under intense fighting.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2407894/enquanto-a-agressao-continuar-as-perdas-da-russia-tem-de-ser-sentidas

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