The UN Security Council will hold an emergency session tomorrow, Sunday, April 14, requested by Israelto address the attacks that Iran launched today against the Jewish state and some of its occupied territories.

The meeting was requested by Israeli ambassador Gilad Erdan and shortly accepted by the Maltese presidency, which this month heads the Council. It will take place at 4 pm local time (20:00 gmt).
Israel had asked that this meeting serve “to unequivocally condemn Iran” for its “serious violations” and to designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (elite military corps) as a terrorist organization.

In a statement explaining his request to convene the Council, Ambassador Erdan recalls that “The severity and volume of these attacks are unprecedented“, and states that “Iran poses a direct threat to international peace, which openly violates the UN charter and Security Council resolutions.

It is unlikely that the Council will reach any common position tomorrow, given the deep division that exists in all Middle East conflicts and that Russia and China – with veto rights in the Council – count Iran among their allies.


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