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The banana is undoubtedly one of the fruits that the French love. In total, in 2021, banana consumption amounted to 11.2 kg per year and per inhabitant compared to 9 kg in 2017. Moreover, France is the 3rd importer country in the European Union. This shows its success.

If gourmets love to eat it in banana bread, athletes prefer it plain as a small snack after exercise. In any case, although its sweet and comforting taste has attracted a wide audience, the banana still has one fault: it is a fruit that spoils quickly. This is why it is essential to store it well. For this, it is important to find a place with the right temperature. We will explain everything to you.

You may not know it, but bananas cannot tolerate the cold since they are a tropical fruit. So we forget the refrigerator to store it. In fact, it should not be exposed to a temperature below 13°C. Otherwise, this change in temperature will accentuate the changes in your skin, which will become dull or even gray.

If the banana does not like the cold, excess heat is also not recommended to keep it as long as possible. This is why a temperature above 25°C will damage the fruit and cause softening. Result ? The texture of the banana will not be pleasant in the mouth. We forget.

The best is to aim for the happy medium, that is to say between 18 and 20°C. Note, if you keep it between 20 and 25° the banana will then continue to ripen. Storing the banana at room temperature helps preserve all its taste qualities.


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