The authorities assume a tragic accident. As reported by the “Bild” newspaper, no injuries were found on the body.

Manuela Tischler probably wanted to go swimming

Tischler wanted to go swimming in Lake Wössner on Thursday evening. When her husband Sammy Brauner – son of film legend Artur “Atze” Brauner – came from Berlin to their house in Bavaria on Friday, his wife was not there. The entrepreneur was worried and reported his wife to the police as missing.

In fact, a woman’s body was discovered in the lake before – by a swimmer. The police were also aware of this, but could not identify the body. After Brauner’s call, during which he was also supposed to describe his wife’s appearance, he was asked by the police to go to the station, as “Bild” further reported.

Brauner had to identify his wife

Then came the shock: In fact, the body from the lake was Manuela Tischler, a former news anchor for n-tv. Her husband was able to identify the dead woman.

There will be an autopsy on the exact cause of Tischler’s death at the beginning of the week.


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