A Australian police clarified, this Tuesday, that they could investigate the non-consensual kiss of Luis Rubiales to Jenni Hermoso during the celebrations of Spain’s conquest of the Women’s World Cup, provided that the player denounced or testified in the country, where the final of the competition.

“Generally anyone can file a complaint. However, for the incident to be investigated, the victim would have to make a formal statement,” the New South Wales Police told EFE.

The same source also specified that “no complaint was filed” about what happened and that it can be done in person or virtually.

This clarification comes after, in recent days, several Australians questioned the reasons why the authorities did not initiate an investigation into the case.

The president of the Spanish football federation, Luis Rubiales, has been suspended by FIFA for 90 days for kissing a Spanish national team player on the mouth following Spain’s victory in the women’s football world cup in Sydney.

The commission of presidents of the football federations of the autonomous communities of Spain demanded, on Monday, that Luis Rubiales resign as president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) “immediately”, condemning the “unacceptable behaviors that seriously harmed the image of Spanish football”.

The presidents of the regional federations also demanded “a profound organic restructuring in the strategic positions of the RFEF” and committed themselves to “equality policies for the development of women’s football”.

After the events in Sydney, there were numerous criticisms of Rubiales, with the player Jenni Hermoso stating that she had not consented to the kiss, contrary to what the president of the federation guarantees.

Rubiales said on Friday that he would not leave the post, which provoked a new peak of contestation and extreme positions, with the players of the selection announcing that they are not available to return to represent Spain, while the current leaders of the RFEF remain in the positions.

On Saturday, FIFA announced the suspension of Rubiales from office, for 90 days, and 11 members of the technical team of the coach, Jorge Vila, submitted their resignation. For his part, the technician condemned the “improper behavior” of the president of the RFEF.

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