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“If I say “fig tree”, you think of its fruit, but imagine what you can do with its leaves!”, announced François-Régis Gaudry on his Instagram account. The journalist and food critic unveiled and “little magic trick” culinary with its virtual community: an oil made from fig leaves that is easy to make. A real delight.

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Fig tree leaf oil, François-Régis Gaudry uses it to spice up summer dishes such as a tomato salad. In this same video posted on Instagram, the host of Very very good shares with us all the secrets of this late summer recipe.

To make this tomato salad, you will need to cut several heirloom tomatoes of all colors, then some fresh figs cut in half. Then add a drizzle of previously prepared fig oil, a pinch of fleur de sel and a splash of balsamic vinegar. All that’s left is to taste.

There are a thousand and one ways to cook fig leaves. Here are five that should help you flavor all your recipes in a whole new way!


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