Ahe Greek authorities now know who the man was who, this Monday, entered a shipping company in the suburb of Glyfada, south of Athens, and killed three people, then committing suicide.

According to the Greek press, the shooter is a 75-year-old former employee of European Product Carriers, of Egyptian nationality, who had been fired “a long time ago”, and was now informed that he would have to leave the house he had. been provided by the company.

The elderly man allegedly broke into the business headquarters, went up to the second floor of the building and, with a shotgun, killed the company’s CEO, Maria Karnesi, her son-in-law (Antonis Vlassakis), as well as the company captain, Elias Koukoularis.

According to local newspapers, before the shots were fired, the man announced: “I came to settle scores”, “I’m going to clean up the bosses, I’m not going to harm the workers”.

In addition to the fatal victims, the perpetrator of the shooting also took other company employees hostage, who were only released later when the authorities entered the building.

After the shooting, the elderly man barricaded himself inside the premises, and was later found dead “in the basement of the building with the shotgun at his side”, according to a police source.

CEO was majority shareholder of an energy company

According to the Greek website Hkaohmepinh, the CEO of European Product Carriers, Maria Karnesi, was also a majority shareholder, with a percentage of 63.8%, in the energy company Elinoil, whose current market value is 50.7 million euros.

According to the European Product Carriers website, the company was founded in 1979, has a fleet of around 35 ships, including tankers, and employs 45 people.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2500511/suspeito-de-tiroteio-na-grecia-tinha-sido-despedido-ceo-entre-os-mortos

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