O The American leader, in statements at the White House, described the proposal as “a roadmap for a lasting ceasefire and the release of all hostages.”

Biden said the first phase of the deal would last six weeks and include a “total and complete ceasefire,” the withdrawal of Israeli forces from all populated areas of the Gaza Strip and the release of several hostages held by Hamas, including women. , the elderly and the injured, in exchange for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners.

The American hostages would be released at this stage and the remains of those who were killed returned to their families. Humanitarian assistance would be increased, with 600 trucks allowed to enter the Palestinian enclave every day.

The second phase would include the release of all remaining living hostages, including male soldiers, and Israeli forces would abandon their positions throughout the Gaza Strip.

“As long as Hamas fulfills its commitments, the temporary ceasefire would become, under the Israeli proposals, ‘the permanent cessation of hostilities,'” Biden noted.

Finally, the third phase requires the beginning of a major reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, which is facing decades of work due to the devastation caused by the war.

In his statements at the White House, the US President said that Hamas “can no longer” carry out a new large-scale attack against Israel, insisting on the need for a prolonged truce and the release of hostages.

Biden addressed the war between Israel and Hamas, which has been going on for almost eight months, when the Israeli military confirmed today that its forces are now operating in central parts of Rafah in its offensive in the southern Gaza Strip.

“This is truly a decisive moment,” said Biden, when speaking about the three-phase agreement that Israeli authorities offered to Hamas.

“Israel has made its proposal. Hamas says it wants a ceasefire. This agreement is an opportunity to prove whether they really mean it,” he added.

Israel launched an offensive in the Gaza Strip following a deadly Hamas attack on October 7, in which Palestinian militants invaded southern Israeli territory, killed nearly 1,200 people, mostly civilians, and took around 250 hostage.

The large-scale Israeli retaliatory operation in the Palestinian enclave has already killed more than 36,000 people, most of them civilians, according to the local Hamas government, and has left the territory in a serious humanitarian crisis.

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