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Have you ever thought about cleaning your precious water bottle from top to bottom? If not, do it immediately. The latter certainly already contains an incalculable number of microbes.

Until a few years ago, we all used disposable plastic bottles to carry our favorite drinks. Those days are now over as water bottles have entered our lives. The sale of bottled water has even fallen by more than 2% in the space of 3 years. Ecological, economical, we could say that the bottle only has advantages, and that is almost true. You just need to take care of it and wash it effectively to prevent it from harming your health…

According to a recent American study, poorly maintained water bottles could contain up to twice as many germs as a sink, 4 times more than a computer mouse and 14 times more than a dog bowl. Just that ! Worse still, the bacteria found during research can cause urinary infections or severe gastrointestinal problems. The reason: the always humid and closed environment of the gourmand which allows germs to proliferate at high speed.

To avoid these inconveniences, clean it effectively and daily. Although the procedure is simple, it is very effective. Start by emptying the rest of the liquid in your bottle then rinse it with hot water. Then dismantle it, if necessary and clean each part with dishwashing liquid, paying particular attention to the parts which come into contact with the mouth. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and let air dry. Your water bottle is now like new and ready to follow you everywhere!


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