FHi, the black box of the ship that crashed into the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore, USA, has been recovered. The audio records made it possible to understand that a call was made asking for help, moments before the authorities suspended traffic in both directions of the bridge.

According to Sky News, the cargo ship issued a distress call to alert authorities that it had lost power moments before colliding with the Baltimore Bridge. After the call, authorities quickly stopped traffic, in both directions, on the bridge.

“Stop all traffic on the bridge. A ship is approaching that has just lost its direction. Until we control it we have to stop all traffic”, said an officer, who also asked that it be checked that there was “no one on the bridge”.

In the audio it is also possible to see that the officer was given the answer that it was already too late. Seconds later, you hear “the whole bridge collapsed. The whole bridge collapsed.”

The accident is now being investigated, and authorities are investigating what caused the tragedy. It is recalled that six people were reported missing and have already been considered dead by the executive vice president of Brawner Builders. All crew members on board the ship were found, and there were no reports of injuries.

The collision between the ship and the bridge occurred on Tuesday, at 1:30 am (5:30 am in Lisbon), causing the infrastructure to collapse.

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Source: https://www.noticiasaominuto.com/mundo/2529644/recuperada-caixa-negra-do-navio-que-embateu-na-ponte-de-baltimore

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