There is consternation in the state of Indiana, United States, over the death of a 10-year-old boy, who took his own life after being victim of bullying at school.

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According to the story of the minor’s parents, Sammy Teusch was bullied by his classmates, who They made fun of his glasses and teeth on different occasions.

The boy’s parents even claim that they once hit him on the bus on the way home. However, even though they contacted the educational institution, they claim that they never received a response about the bullying episodes.

“They hit him on the school bus causing one of his glasses to break. I called the school and asked them what they are doing about it. It keeps getting worse and worse…”one of the parents told WTHR.

In dialogue with the news, Sammy’s guardians also reported that he was also harassed on social networks.

In the case of suicide, the superintendent of the school district spoke out and He assured that the parents of the 10-year-old boy did not report the situation. However, investigations into the case continue.

In the last hours, a tribute was held for the little boy, where family, friends and even a group of more than 100 motorcyclists gathered who sought to show their support.

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