An unfortunate case of a 10-year-old boy shocked the residents of Portsmouth, England. The minor’s unexpected death occurred when he climbed onto a trampoline, ran out of air and suffered an asthma attack.. Even though he went to get help, his parents could not save his life.

They say your life can change in a moment and we didn’t know how true that was.. Warren was always very happy with a smile on his face, even if we challenged him,” said Belinda, the victim’s mother.

The boy, identified as Warren Dowling, had shown no signs of being unwell., his loved ones say that he was in a good mood and wanted to go out and play with his brother in the park. From one moment to the next, she began to feel bad.

The boy, seeing that he was running out of air, He went to the house to ask his mother for the inhaler, his parents ran to help him, but he went into critical condition. and began to lose consciousness. Her father performed resuscitation maneuvers while her mother called an ambulance.

After trying to revive the minor, unfortunately, it was too late. Her mother told how she saw her son die: “he turned blue and stopped breathing.”

After what happened, the woman claimed that the child had asthma problems. “Warren coped well with his asthma, but once or twice a year he would have a really bad attack and would have to go to the hospitalwhich was terrifying,” he told The Sun newspaper.

Warren’s family decided to tell his story to raise awareness about this disease that sometimes seems like a ghost, but is very serious and requires considerable care.

Likewise, they ask to promote research in this field to avoid more tragedies: “There has never been enough awareness about asthma, I want everyone to know how serious it is and that no one else goes through what happens to us. I know Warren would be very happy if her story could help others”.

The Ministry of Health in Colombia, with the campaign “Take life with a second wind” and in collaboration with other entities, they have invited citizens since 2017 to prevent chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma, since 1 in 8 Colombians suffer from this disease.

It is important to identify the symptoms, signs and history that may contribute to the suspicion of a case of asthma., such as frequent cough without respiratory infections, wheezing in the chest, dyspnea (suffocation), feeling of tightness in the chest and cough, especially at night or in the early morning. The presence of a family and personal history of allergies or bronchial hyperreactivity may also be suggestive of thinking about asthma,” the portfolio states.


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