O Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, admitted this Wednesday that he will consider continuing in office, after his wife, Begoña Gómez, was investigated for influence peddling.

In a letter addressed to citizens, dated today, and published on social media, Sánchez admits that now is the time to “stop and reflect” to understand whether he should “continue leading the government or renounce this high honor”.

In the letter, the Spanish Prime Minister states that justice, in this case, will call those responsible for two online newspapers to testify in the case against his wife. “In my opinion, these are newspapers with a strong Right and Far-Right orientation”, he also wrote.

Sánchez also canceled his schedule until April 29th.

Sánchez considers attacks to be “serious”

In the letter, the Prime Minister considers that the attacks on his wife are “serious” and that people often forget that behind politicians there are “people”. Sánchez continues to point the finger at parties further to the Right, accusing the PP and Vox of carrying out a “harassment” strategy for months. “This is an operation of harassment and demolition by land, sea and air, in an attempt to make me lose political and personal strength by attacking my wife,” he wrote.

What are these accusations?

According to the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid, cited by the publication El Mundo, the procedure initiated by the 41st Court of Instruction in the capital originates from a complaint presented by the Manos Limpias union, based on the private activities of Pedro Sánchez’s wife.

In a resolution dated April 16, judge Juan Carlos Peinado agreed that the investigation would remain a secret.

In the complaint, the public employees union (which has previously filed similar complaints, many without success) explores Begoña Gómez’s connection with a businessman who received contracts from the Central Administration.

This is Carlos Barrabés, whose consultancy – in a temporary partnership with another company – obtained awards in 2020 and 2021 from the public entity Red.es, dependent on the Ministry of Economy. He did so with the express support of Begoña Gómez who, according to El Confidencial, in a letter, gave his approval to the company. Gómez is co-director of the Master’s Degree in Competitive Social Transformation at the Complutense University of Madrid, promoted by Barrabés.

The complaint by Manos Limpias, which triggered the investigation, proposed that the court summon the wife of the president of the Spanish government to testify as a defendant, that statements be taken from several witnesses and that documentation on public contracts be collected.

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