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Eating well while spending as little as possible are not two incompatible criteria. Moreover, chef Thierry Marx proves it once again. On Instagram, he collaborates with Jimmy Mohamed to prepare a healthy, tasty and economical recipe. Essential criteria but not always easy to gather. However, the chef was able to rise to the challenge.

And the cherry on the cake: this preparation can be served for breakfast, lunch or as an evening meal. In short, only qualities. So, ready to try this great recipe?

Know that it is possible to make scrambled eggs very easily and with as little expense as possible. No need for cream, milk, cheese. The success of a dish is sometimes hidden in simplicity. This recipe is proof. Chef Thierry Marx reveals all his tips. Here’s how to make the best and least expensive scrambled eggs of your life.

For the ingredients, you will need:

  • 2 eggs per person
  • mushrooms of Paris
  • a knob of butter
  • sel

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  1. Crack the eggs into a cold pan with a little salt on the bottom. “The important thing is to start cold”advises the chef.
  2. Break the yolks using chopsticks. Let it cook a little then start by stirring with a spatula. “Scrambled eggs are not with a whisk, they are not with milk, they are not with cream, they are of no use”. Little by little, increase the movement.
  3. When they are still runny, remove them from the heat and add a knob of butter and a pinch of salt.
  4. To serve, place the scrambled eggs on a plate. Then, cut the button mushrooms into strips to put them on top. A little chives and Espelette pepper and it’s already ready!

“If you tell me you don’t know how to make scrambled eggs, we won’t agree”, concludes Thierry Marx. With his advice, no risk!

Enjoy your food !


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