Firefighters are currently searching for more than twenty people who fell into the water after the Bridge collapse in Baltimore according to what an official from the body told CNN.

“Unfortunately, we believe there are up to twenty people who may be in the Patapsco River, as well as several vehicles,” local fire department communications director Kevin Cartwright told the network.

The missing persons are supposedly passengers of the vehicles that were crossing the Francis Scott Key Bridge when a freighter collided with one of the central pylons and completely collapsed it.

The low temperatures (around 9 degrees) make people fear for the lives of those who have fallen into the water, as they can cause hypothermia.

None of the cargo ship’s crew has fallen into the water, according to the New York Timeswhich ensures that those responsible are actively collaborating with the authorities to clarify what happened.

The late night (it was 1:30 a.m. when the collision occurred) has prevented a major tragedy on this vital bridge for the city of Baltimorewhich in 2023 had total traffic of 12.4 million passengers, according to the Maryland government.


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