The Spanish Ministry of the Interior reported, through a statement, that the Police of that country arrested this Tuesday, May 14, 2024, in Alcobendas (a town that is 23 kilometers from Madrid), to the Venezuelan siblings Francisco and Rebeca García, accused of several cases of harassment.

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According to the statement, for Francisco and Rebeca García “a maximum sentence of 15 and 30 years in prison is requested, respectively, as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of pornographic exhibition of children or adolescents, illicit association and harassment, and promotion or incitement to hatred, with great social repercussions”.

Last Saturday, May 11, 2024, investigators from the Spanish Police learned of the presence of the brothers in Spain, They fully identified them, but verified that they lacked an international arrest warrant, So they asked the Venezuelan authorities if there was any interest in them.

Once the Venezuelan authorities approved his arrest, it became effective this Tuesday with collaboration of the OCN-Interpol of Madrid and Caracas.

Francisco García is designated in his country of “disseminate without consent photographs of boys, girls and adolescents, with explicit and implicit sexual connotations, publishing the screenshots on multiple accounts that he has in his name on social networks. Furthermore, it would act with the complicity of his sister, also dedicating himself to persecuting, harassing and harassing several victims using instant messaging platforms, social networks and telephone calls, accessing their homes and workplaces without the consent of the victims and even threatening them with death. ”, assures the Spanish Ministry of the Interior in its statement.

Anny de Trindade, one of the victims of harassment, said that Rebeca “left me graffiti on the gas pump near my house, she went to the festivals that I went to, I received the worst messages where she said that I wish they would rape me, I wish they kill me, sexually explicit messages about things he wanted to do to me.

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