UA man armed with a knife attacked several people this Wednesday afternoon in the city of Zofingen, Switzerland. According to local police, the suspect has already been detained.

Cited by the newspaper Le Figaro, the police in the canton of Aargau indicated that the motivations for the crime are not known. No information was revealed about the number of injured.

The man first attacked a passerby at the train station in the city of around 12,000 inhabitants. He then went on the run and attacked other people in an “apparently” random manner.

After the crime, he hid in a house, where he remained for two hours negotiating with the authorities. Police also indicated that the suspect was also injured.

On social media, the authority appealed to possible witnesses of the crime to send videos or images of the crime.

The regional daily Aargauer Zeitung published a testimony from a man whose pregnant wife was allegedly attacked “with a metal object”.

The woman “was injured in the face and has some swelling, but is fine under the circumstances,” her husband told the newspaper.

The victim was transported to the hospital in Aarau, approximately twenty kilometers from Zofingen.

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